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Here are some recommendations from a selection of very satisfied students who have passed their Driving Test with us:

Testpasses/NatalieHart.jpg Testpasses/Rachelhalliwell.jpg Testpasses/DanielleMellett.jpg Testpasses/JonnyLynn.jpg
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Today (24th October 2011) I took my driving test for the first time and passed (with just 3 minors) after doing a semi-intensive course. I also passed my theory test the first time. I am severely dyslexic and thought that I might have problems learning to drive but Joanne was fantastic. She is friendly, patient and easy to get along with. Joanne gives you handouts (with diagrams) so that you can remember how to do manoeuvres. She could answer all my questions and gave good tips for doing the theory and practical tests. Next week I am going to do Pass Plus.
Thanks Joanne !  Jonny Lynn

On 19th September 2011, I passed my test for the first time. Joanne is a great instructor, very friendly and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Joanne and will recommend Grange Park School of Motoring to my friends and family. X 
Jessica Smedley

July 11th 2011 was when i passed my driving test first time :) ! Joanne is a great instructor, patient, friendly and very easy to get along with. She gave me helpful hints and tips, and was reassuring throughout learning to drive and especially towards my test date. I would definitely recommend Grange Park School of Motoring to anyone :), thank you joanne :) x  Hannah Irvine

I just passed my test last week 1st time with Joanne. If you want to feel great and pass with flying confidence, I truly recommend that you choose to learn to drive with Joanne Barton at Grange Park School of Motoring. Joanne is a friendly person and tells you what you are doing wrong, right and also tells you tips on how to overcome things on the road whilst driving.  It was a privilege to learn with Joanne.  Thank you!  James Roberts

I passed my driving test on my first attempt thanks to Joanne. She was recommended to me by a colleague and I have no hesitation in passing the recommendation on to anybody who is considering taking driving lessons. Joanne’s driving instruction is calm and clear and she has a fantastic ability to explain manoeuvres in a manner that makes sense! She is a patient lady who provides positive feedback and practical solutions to any difficulties you encounter. She also likes a good chat which is good because I talked a lot during our lessons! Thanks Joanne! Sandra Igbodo

I passed my driving test last week! Joanne was a lovely instructor, patient and very easy to get along with! Enjoyed my driving lessons with Joanne. Joanne helped me to overcome my terrible nerves with reassurance to help me build my confidence and it worked! Would recommend using Grange Park School of Motoring! Thank you Joanne :) x. Natalie Hul

Just passed my driving test with a clean sheet!!! Thank you soo much Joanne :D !!! Xxx  Remi Tomlinson

Just passed my test 1st time today so many thanks to Joanne :) I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with her and she is very easy to get along with :) How to carry out manoeuvers, road safety and driving in general are explained well and easy to follow. I felt well prepared for both the theory and practical tests so would strongly recommend using Grange Park School of Motoring :)  Emma Sheehan

Joanne is a great instructor. I really enjoyed my time learning to drive with her, she made me feel relaxed, was patient and explained things well.
I will recommend her to anyone I know who wants to learn to drive and I will miss our chats. Thank you so much Joanne for being patient with me. Sammi Casterton

I would recommend Joanne to anyone after having her as my driving instructor for a whole 9 months! She is patient and reassurring which I know has made me a confident driver. Her friendly approach made everything a lot easier and I know I wouldn't have passed without it. Thankyou Joanne it means a lot! Gabriella Wilkins

What can I say; a fantastic driving instructor with the patience of a saint!  A lovely lady who gave me the confidence to drive.  Thanks to her excellent teaching I passed my driving test first time with only two minor faults. Thankyou so much Joanne you have helped make my life so much easier now that I can drive. Your a star.
Diane Jolly

When I first started having lessons with Joanne last year, I'd never been behind the wheel before. As the lessons went on, my confidence grew, thanks to Joanne being a calm, relaxed, friendly instructor who always takes the time to explain things. Joanne gave me sheets with information on so that I could read through them at home, which helped me a lot on manoeuvres. On my first test, nerves got the better of me, but I didn't let that affect me taking my test again, and therefore I passed on my second attempt. Once I passed my test, I did Pass Plus, which I would recommend to everyone as it helps a lot with driving on roads you are unaware of, such as rural roads, motorways and also driving in all-weathers!! I would highly recommend Joanne to anyone who wants to learn how to drive! Just want to say thank you so much Joanne, for getting me through everything.  J Darrielle Hart

I drove the kids to school this morning for the first time and felt really confident. Thanks for everything Joanne. My life is now so much easier :-)  Sarah Bryson

I started having lessons with Joanne just after my 17th birthday in November 2009. I immediately felt at ease with Joanne because of her patient and reassuring manner. She made me feel very at ease and remained calm at all times! Joanne is very approachable and will always do her best to help you in all situations without getting stressed at all. Joanne teaches you at a pace which you are comfortable with and breaks every aspect of driving down into manageable chunks which was really good. It is thanks to Joanne's help that I passed both my theory and practical tests first time and I now feel a safe and confident driver. I have already recommended Joanne to some of my friends who are learning to drive and will most definitely be recommending her to many people in the future! She is a great Instructor and I am very thankful to her for helping me to pass my driving test as it meant such a lot to me!   Jessica Turner

I started driving with Joanne in July 2009, and passed on my second attempt. Thanks to Joanne's patience and reassurance, my confidence grew from lesson to lesson, and I was able to develop my driving skills. Joanne not only teaches you to pass the driving test, but also prepares you for driving on your own once you pass. Joanne was very calm and helpful throughout the time I was learning with her, and she teaches in a very easy to understand format. I'd like to say a massive thank you to Joanne for all her help! She is an excellent instructor!!   Victoria Bellard

Firstly, I would like to thank Joanne for helping me to pass my driving test successfully. I really enjoyed being taught by her. She was very patient and reassuring and such a nice lady to get on with. Joanne brought a lot of confidence to my driving. I passed my test within two months of starting lessons with her, with only four minor faults. I was very nervous when I first started having lessons but she broke every little thing down into steps so it helped me more and that gradually built up my confidence which then became natural to me. She also gave out sheets of paper that went through the steps of the manoeuvres. I could then study these ready for my next lesson. Passing my test was very important to me. I couldn't have done it without her help, so thank you again!  Charles Guest

I was home from University for the summer and started my driving lessons with Joanne. I wanted to have passed before I went back to University at the end of summer, so I had a semi-intensive course. When I first began the lessons, I had never driven before so Joanne built up my confidence and progressed at a rate I was happy with. When there was something I struggled with (which was quite a lot of things!), Joanne was able to see what the exact problem was and talked it through with me and made sure I practiced it lots until I was able to overcome the problems. The intensive course was helpful, as everything was fresh, yet due to Joanne's teaching style, I was able to feel happy and relaxed on the roads and not rushed to learn things too quickly. Despite working full-time while at home, and Joanne having many other students, she managed to give me as many lessons as I needed and at times to suit me. I would highly recommend Joanne to anyone starting to drive as she is patient, friendly and immediately makes you feel comfortable. She taught in a way that makes you feel safe and confident. She gives out sheets of information and talks through each manoeuvre with you before you attempt it, so everything is clear before you start. This allows you to ask questions and completely make sure you understand what you are supposed to do. Joanne not only helped me pass before I returned to University, but gave me enough time to complete the Pass Plus Course too, which I would say is very helpful to the new driver as it gives you confidence in some of the most hardest types of driving, so when you eventually drive on your own, you know what to expect in every circumstance. Thank you again Joanne for all your help this summer and I will never forget it!   Danielle Roscoe

Joanne was very patient and helpful during all of my driving lessons. She broke all aspects of driving down into easy, understandable steps which made me feel confident on the road. I passed both my theory and practical tests first time thanks to her thorough way of teaching. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is worried or nervous about learning to drive!  Grace Hailwood

I am really thankful to Joanne for getting me through my test. I was really nervous when I started lessons but she was very patient and encouraged my confidence. Joanne is really friendly and easy to get on with, which made lessons fun, rather than being a chore. But most importantly, she got me through my test sooner than I had expected and without too many nerves as well. Joanne has made me a safe and confident driver. I would (and do) recommend her to anyone learning to drive. I will be back asap to see Joanne at Grange Park School of Motoring to do the Pass Plus course. Faith Stansfield

Joanne is, in my opinion, an excellent Driving Instructor - with her help, I passed my test first time with just four minor faults. She was always encouraging me and helping to build my confidence even when I struggled a bit with one or two issues. Joanne has a personable style and is very friendly and approachable. I never felt afraid to ask questions or show uncertainty. She always has a way of explaining things which makes them easy to understand. I would wholeheartedly recommend Joanne to anyone who is learning to drive. Thanks again Joanne!   Simon Foster

Firstly, I would like to say a huggeee thanks to Joanne for teaching me to drive. It was a pleasure working with her and I don't think there's anyone who could not get on with this lady :) She has created an excellent pass rate of learners taking their tests and with thanks to this, I passed first time with only two minor faults! I don't think there's much more I can say apart from once again...big thanks to Joanne and all her help towards me and I would truly recommend her to anyone. THANKS JOANNE!!  James Hill  

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the help Joanne gave me in learning how to drive! I previously had another instructor and after leaving him, Joanne gave me back my confidence to start driving lessons again. I would recommend her to anyone!
Joanne made everything as easy as she could by giving out sheets to take home and read through. This helped me loads.
I thought I'd never do it, but I DID! She was able to accomodate my times as I was working all week which I am very grateful for.
Joanne has been an excellent and a very friendly instructor, I wouldn't have passed without her!
Passing my test is such a relief and it's all thanks to Joanne's calm and un-stressful atmosphere!
Once again, THANKS!!! Aisha Chhadat

I would like to say a BIG BIG THANKYOU to Joanne for getting me through my driving test. It took me a very long time to start driving and Joanne helped me to get the confidence I needed to finally pass my test. I have always been very nervous of any kind of test but Joanne was patient, reassuring and made sure I was ready for it. Thank you so much! Don't know what I'm going to do on a Monday nite now! Sam Smethurst

I passed my test two months ago on the first attempt with 6 driving faults and it's all thanks to Joanne! I was really nervous on my first lesson but Joanne put me at ease and made me feel more relaxed. She broke everything down into little steps and gave me sheets with information on so that I could read through them at home. My confidence grew each lesson and I'm glad I wasn't put in for my test too soon. That's the good thing about Joanne. She won't put you in for your test until she is sure you are ready. Once I had passed my test, I took Pass Plus lessons which really helped to build my confidence, especially on the motorway and on country roads. I would definitely recommend taking the Pass Plus lessons with Joanne once you have passed your test. I passed my test on 15th January 2008 and I feel like I have been driving forever and it's all thanks to Joanne! I would definitely recommend Joanne as she is an excellent, friendly Instructor and won't give up on you. Thanks for all the help Joanne :-) Becca Bellard

Thanks to Joanne, I passed my driving test first time with only two driving faults. I felt nervous on the first few of my lessons but Joanne settled them by making sure that I understood what I needed to do and when I needed to do it. It was a pleasure being taught by Joanne. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks for all your help, Joanne ;-) Aaron Gandy

When I started taking driving lessons under the instruction of Joanne Barton, my confidence on the road was quite low. This was due to the fact that I had previously had driving lessons from a different instructor and he had put me in for my test when I clearly wasn't ready and I failed quite badly and gave up learning to drive for about three years. However it was recommended that I take driving lessons with Joanne as my sister had recently passed her test with her and she was highly impressed with the way Joanne had taught her to drive. Joanne installed new confidence into me with her driving expertise and I was soon on my way to driving test success. Joanne is a relaxed, friendly, calm, reassuring instructor who always takes the time to explain things and will make sure that you are ready before she puts you in for the test. Joanne was always very accomodating in terms of booking lessons that would fit in with my busy schedule. I took the Pass Plus course with Joanne which I would definitely recommend to anyone because it deals with motorway, dual-carriageway, rural, town centre, all-weather and night time driving. I would like to thank Joanne for her tuition and I recommend it to anyone. No matter what stage of driving you are at, Joanne can help! Thank you for all your help.    Laurence Bloch

In September 2007 it will be one year since I passed my Driving Test. I passed my Driving Test on the first attempt and it's all thanks to Joanne. That is one of the best things about her, she will not put you in for your test unless you are ready for it. This also made me feel much more confident on the day of my test and I was confident to go out driving on my own as soon as I had passed.
Joanne remains calm, patient and reassuring throughout all the lessons. I was really nervous on my first lesson but Joanne made me feel relaxed and at ease. I also did the Pass Plus course with her which made me feel much more confident on motorways, busy town centres and country roads.
While in a full-time job, I thought it may have been hard to learn to drive quickly while working all week, but Joanne was able to accomodate me at times which allowed me to learn around my work.
I was so glad I picked Joanne to teach me to drive and I would definitely recommend her to anyone as she really is a brilliant, friendly Instructor.   Kirsty Olive

I began driving lessons under the instruction of Joanne Barton in September 2006. Obviously I was nervous when getting in the car for the first time but I found Joanne to be very reassuring and I was soon at ease in the car. One thing I must say about Joanne is that she makes sure that you are definitely ready for your test before booking it. I have heard of many instructors who put their pupils in for test too soon as they feel it is what the driver wants, however, this results in many pupils failing numerous times costing more and more money and also puts lives at risk due to drivers who have fluked a pass.
Both me, my older sister and friends have all successfully passed thanks to the fantastic support, guidance and instruction of Joanne.  Hayley Lomax

My first driving lesson with Joanne was on my 17th Birthday in January 2007, as I had the chance of a joiners apprenticeship, but needed my driving licence to get to site.
I had 3 - 4 hours per week with Joanne and on 22nd March 2007 passed my driving test 1st time.
Joanne was always friendly, helpful and supportive. I have got the job I wanted thanks to Joanne and would like to say a big thank you for all your help.   Wes Cubbage

Just want to say a BIG BIG thankyou for helping me in passing my test. I must admit, I thought I'd never do it, but I did, all thanks to you. I'll definitely be recommending you to all my friends that will be looking to start learning. Thanks again :-)   Cheryl Cubbage

Joanne has been such a friendly and reassuring Instructor, giving me the confidence to pass first time. Thanks Joanne!   Chris Nelson

I first started my driving lessons when I was 19 years old. I was with a different Instructor than Joanne. I took my test four times with this Instructor. Having failed each one, I gave up driving for about five years then decided to give it another go. Joanne was recommended to me by my boss, whose two sons had passed with her. I was nervous at first but after a few lessons, I felt at ease. Joanne helped my confidence to grow and showed me where I was going wrong and how to put it right. I passed on my first test with Joanne. I now wish I had chosen Joanne as my Instructor from the start of learning to drive. It would have saved me a lot of money and a lot of fails! Thank you Joanne for helping me to pass my test.   Ann-marie Beaulieu

I was very nervous when I first started having driving lessons, but Joanne's relaxed approach soon put me at my ease. She broke things down into easy steps and tried to make sure the entire experience was calm and un-stressful (quite an achievement as I get stressed very quickly). Passing my test was an important goal and I want to thank Joanne for making it possible.   Jessica Macwilliam

When I started driving in October 2006, I had never been behind the wheel of a car before and I didn't have much confidence on the road. With the help of Joanne, my confidence grew. Joanne is a very patient instructor and without her help I doubt I would have passed my test first time. On the lesson before my test, I did everything wrong as my nerves must have got the better of me, so when it came to my test, I thought I would have no chance in passing. The route I did on my test was familiar as Joanne had taken me on it before. Joanne was a great help and without her I wouldn't have passed first time. Thanks Joanne. Jennifer Laverty

Here are a selection of other students who have also passed with us:

Natalie Hart
Rachel Halliwell
Danielle Mellett - Passed with a clean sheet!!!
Emma Taplin
Jack Partington
Will Chambers
Hannah Irvine
Krupa Mistry
Rebecca Brooks
Robyn Baker - Passed with a clean sheet!!!
Charlotte Stuttard
Ben Monks
Nicola Johnston
Gabriella Wilkins
Katherine Liversedge
Sam Holden
Steven Rothwell
Chelsey Taylor
Rachel Malone
Louise Farnworth
Derek Taylor
Claire Reilly
Charlotte Drabble
Sue Walker
Alex Humphreys
Sarah Smith
Karen Taylor
Melissa Appleby
Naomi Little
Gemma Foster
Tracey Rowlands
Sue Gandy
Hollie Tonge
Nicky Olive
Genna Foster
Jessica Rhodes
Claire Mulkeen
Adrian Lemon
Donna Pendlebury

And here are recommendations from some students who have had refresher courses with us:

I found the time spent having a refresher course with you most helpful. For various reasons, I had lost a lot of confidence, in spite of the fact I had been driving for many years. Your calm, relaxed approach made me feel much more able to tackle my problems. I thank you very sincerely.   Irene Brown

Many thanks to you all for being great students and for contributing to our Website!
It was a pleasure teaching you all!
Happy Motoring!
Joanne Barton A.D.I., Dip.D.I.
Grange Park School of Motoring
20 Ellerbeck Close, Bolton, Lancs, BL2 3FW
Tel: 07702 223604